Released: Honda Talon High Output Fuel Pump Kit

OEM Returnless option shown


  • Direct Drop-In Unit
    • Works with both OEM and Trail Tank
    • Single 230LPH – E85 Compatible
    • Incorporates the OEM fuel sender and vent
    • Includes plug-and-play wiring harness
  • Patented Aeromotive Foam and Bladder
    • 2x fuel basket capacity – .5gal vs OEM .25gal
    • Improved fuel slosh control with integrated check valves
    • Reduces the chance of fuel starvation
  • Multiple Configurations in One Module
      • OEM-style Returnless utilizing OEM fuel lines and included internal pressure regulator.
      • Return style using integrated return ORB port for AN lines (Compatible with Injector Dynamics fuel lines)
  • All Original Design
    • Co-developed with Aeromotive specifically for the Honda Talon
    • Made in the USA

TO PURCHASE: Honda Talon High Output Fuel Pump Kit

Return style option shown

JR Particle Separator Airbox with 3.5 inch inletCategoriesNews

New Product: Honda Talon Turbo Particle Separator Adapter

Easily add a particle separator to your Honda Talon Turbo!

Engines rely on a clean and continuous air supply for proper operation. It can be even more critical on forced induction vehicles, as any restriction will rob HP. A particle separator pre filter helps ensure your filter doesn’t get overloaded with silt and prolongs the life of the air filter.

We designed the particle separator adapter to work with two popular models of particle separators, KWT and Honda/S&B. Select the adapter that matches the particle separator you own.

We use the KWT particle separators on our Jackson Racing Talons, including the Raceco Trophy Unlimited Honda Talon that completed the Vegas to Reno. KWT units require no fan, electricity, or other moving parts. Using a patent pending advanced disruptive airflow technology the filter quietly and efficiently removes up to 98% of particulates before the airflow reaches your filter. Even better, it has been dyno tested by us and does not hurt HP output!

Order your Particle Separator Adapter to help keep your filter clean through the dust!
ORDER Honda Talon Turbo Particle Separator Adapter


New Product: Honda Talon Drop-In Fuel Pump

Direct Drop-In Aeromotive Fuel Pump Module designed for the Honda Talon!


We partnered with the industry leading fuel system experts at Aeromotive to introduce a new direct drop-in fuel pump module for 2019-2021 Honda Talon 1000 SXS models. The Jackson Racing/Aeromotive fuel pump module for the Honda Talon is compatible with the factory plastic fuel tank and comes preassembled with a 220LPH fuel pump. The module is compatible with both gasoline and E85 fuels. The entire module is direct drop-in unit with no drilling or fabrication required. The kit is compatible with the OEM fuel level sender and ventilation, and includes plug-n-play wiring adapter to OEM wiring harness. A unique feature of this fuel pump module is the ability to run as an OEM returnless fuel system or as a full return style system in racing applications. Each configuration is offered as a kit, including the pump assembly, fuel filter and required fittings.

This product is not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.

  • Direct Drop-In Module – Utilizes OEM Tank, Lock Ring, and Gasket
  • Utilizes Single 220LPH Pump (E-85 Compatible)
  • Incorporates OEM Fuel Level Sender and Vent
  • Includes Plug-n-Play Wiring Harness
  • Utilizes Aeromotive’s Patented Foam and Bladder to control fuel slosh
  • Two Pump Configurations in One Module
    • Returnless style with pulse width modulation of pump
    • Return style with regulator and integrated return line port


NA GAS – 600HP
FI Gas – 450hp
NA E85 – 420hp
FI E85 – 315hp

Available January 2022

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Multiple wins at the 2020 Baja 1000!

Raceco USA and Honda Off-Road Racing bring home Pro UTV NA and Pro UTV Unlimited wins for the Honda Talon at the 2020 SCORE Baja 1000.

Photo: @getsomephoto

Honda Off-Road Racing with Eliott Watson behind the wheel of the Factory Honda Talon finished on the top step of the podium in Pro UTV Unlimited at the SCORE Baja 1000! The Honda Off-Road Racing Pro UTV Unlimited Talons are powered by the Jackson Racing Honda Talon Turbo kit!

Photo: @getsomephoto

In the Pro UTV NA class, Raceco USA dominated the competition in their Honda Talon 1000 X-4. Not only finishing 1st in class, but the 2nd UTV overall! An impressive result in the first outing for the Raceco Talons.

Photo: @getsomephoto