Released: Honda Talon High Output Fuel Pump Kit

OEM Returnless option shown


  • Direct Drop-In Unit
    • Works with both OEM and Trail Tank
    • Single 230LPH – E85 Compatible
    • Incorporates the OEM fuel sender and vent
    • Includes plug-and-play wiring harness
  • Patented Aeromotive Foam and Bladder
    • 2x fuel basket capacity – .5gal vs OEM .25gal
    • Improved fuel slosh control with integrated check valves
    • Reduces the chance of fuel starvation
  • Multiple Configurations in One Module
      • OEM-style Returnless utilizing OEM fuel lines and included internal pressure regulator.
      • Return style using integrated return ORB port for AN lines (Compatible with Injector Dynamics fuel lines)
  • All Original Design
    • Co-developed with Aeromotive specifically for the Honda Talon
    • Made in the USA

TO PURCHASE: Honda Talon High Output Fuel Pump Kit

Return style option shown


New Product: Honda Talon Drop-In Fuel Pump

Direct Drop-In Aeromotive Fuel Pump Module designed for the Honda Talon!


We partnered with the industry leading fuel system experts at Aeromotive to introduce a new direct drop-in fuel pump module for 2019-2021 Honda Talon 1000 SXS models. The Jackson Racing/Aeromotive fuel pump module for the Honda Talon is compatible with the factory plastic fuel tank and comes preassembled with a 220LPH fuel pump. The module is compatible with both gasoline and E85 fuels. The entire module is direct drop-in unit with no drilling or fabrication required. The kit is compatible with the OEM fuel level sender and ventilation, and includes plug-n-play wiring adapter to OEM wiring harness. A unique feature of this fuel pump module is the ability to run as an OEM returnless fuel system or as a full return style system in racing applications. Each configuration is offered as a kit, including the pump assembly, fuel filter and required fittings.

This product is not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.

  • Direct Drop-In Module – Utilizes OEM Tank, Lock Ring, and Gasket
  • Utilizes Single 220LPH Pump (E-85 Compatible)
  • Incorporates OEM Fuel Level Sender and Vent
  • Includes Plug-n-Play Wiring Harness
  • Utilizes Aeromotive’s Patented Foam and Bladder to control fuel slosh
  • Two Pump Configurations in One Module
    • Returnless style with pulse width modulation of pump
    • Return style with regulator and integrated return line port


NA GAS – 600HP
FI Gas – 450hp
NA E85 – 420hp
FI E85 – 315hp

Available January 2022