Honda Talon Turbo Press Release

Jackson Racing Honda Talon® SXS Turbocharger System

Jackson Racing announced as Honda Race Team Partner for
Honda Talon® SXS




FOR RELEASE June 3rd, 2019
Contact: Jackson Racing. Tel: 909-927-8500

Midlothian, TX (June 3rd, 2019) – World leading forced induction experts Jackson Racing are proud to announce their entry into the side-by-side (SXS) vehicle market with a new turbocharger system for the Honda Talon® SXS shipping Fall 2019.

The Honda Talon® SXS has changed the game in the SXS world, offering premium performance not previously available in the sport SXS market. From the chassis design to Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), this vehicle is designed for fun, performance and dependability. The naturally aspirated 999cc Unicam® parallel-twin engine matches well with the DCT, with a rev happy feel making the Talon an exciting drive.

Even with the Talon being so capable, a boost in horsepower was desired. Enter Jackson Racing, with over 40 years of forced induction experience and the right knowledge base to bring the Talon to the next level. Jackson Racing took advantage of the Honda Talon’s capabilities and designed a turbocharger system from the ground up for both peak performance and long-term dependability.

The Jackson Racing Talon SXS Turbocharger system delivers an impressive 60+% increase in HP over stock, all through a completely stock Honda drivetrain. At the heart of the Jackson Racing system is a Garrett® turbocharger. Jackson Racing approached Garrett Motion® to build a turbocharger to the specifications required in the performance SXS market and they delivered. The turbocharger unit is designed with robust OEM technologies and has been engineered for the abuse of a performance SXS.

A key feature to the Jackson Racing turbocharger system is the seamless performance. The turbo power doesn’t overpower the chassis, it works with the vehicle effortlessly. “We didn’t want to take away the great riding experience already built into the Talon, we wanted to enhance it,” says Oscar Jackson Sr., President and Chief Engineer. “The Jackson Racing turbocharger system delivers a factory feel that fits the Talon perfectly.” To do this, Jackson Racing worked tirelessly to develop the factory ECU and DCT to support the turbo system. The result is an ECU reflash that takes care of all tuning parameters via an included Jackson Racing ECU tuning tool. For the engine, precise tuning is done for proper boosted performance and reliability using minimum 91 octane fuel. With the DCT, shift schedules have been optimized to match turbo feel and performance, giving the Jackson Racing turbocharged Talon a real advantage on trails and the race course. This DCT drivability is unmatched, with no hiccups or hesitations, allowing the turbo and DCT to work in unison together.

The entire system is designed to work in harmony. Installation, maintenance, and durability are all elements built directly into each system. Installation is painless, with no fabrication, no welding, no engine internals required. This is a true bolt-on solution with an easy installation. Thousands of miles of durability testing have been clocked in extreme conditions to ensure longevity and performance. “Drivability and durability are both critically important, and we got it right here,” says Oscar Jackson Jr., COO and multi-time national road racing champion. “This is the turbo Talon you dreamed about.”


  1. Will This turbo kit work on the 1000 LE Pioneer 2017-18 ?

    1. Hi Rick- Unfortunately this kit is not compatible with the Pioneer 1000.

  2. This kit is worth every penny. It really turns the Talon into a beast. Love the power.

    1. I really like the Turbo Kit. However i disagree with worth ever penny! It’s cheaper for me to replace the Turbo on my 2020 High Country Silverado 6.6 Diesel than to purchase this kit from JR for the Honda Talon.
      Would love to see a more realistic price like $3,000 because you will end up spending another $2,000 in labor for a shop to install it!
      Not all shops offer to install this Turbo Kit you may have to call around I know I did.

  3. How or what exhaust can be changed out from stock? I am really into some show look, we just want something truck out the back instead of the stock look?

    1. The OEM Honda exhaust is required for CARB and EPA compliance, as it has the catalytic converter built inside the exhaust.

  4. I purchased a power vision 3 to get launch control. Will the flash for the turbo be compatible with the PV3?

    1. Hi Glen – Launch mode is now available for kit owners on our flash tool. Our flash is not compatible with the PV3.

  5. I have your turbo on my 2019 talon. How ever I have an oil leak by the turbo. I live in chino is there a shop that you know of that can help me with this leek?

    1. I heard there was a company named jackson racing who makes your turbo is in Chino.

      1. We are Jackson Racing, and we are in Chino.

  6. Is the Honda warranty altered if a turbo is installed by the owner?

    1. Hi. Installing the turbo kit does not void your Factory Warranty.

  7. Are you going to come out with a race version so I could change out the factory exhaust system.

    1. Hi. We have Closed Course Race Upgrades releasing, that will allow the ability for other modifications and more boost.

  8. is there a snorkel that will work with the turbo air filter or particle separator

    1. HI, We have an adapter in the works for the KWT Particle Seperator.

  9. Heard your working on a 235 hp turbo kit I have a second talon . Love the current turbo kit on my other talon. You guys are great to work with. Thanks

    1. Hi, We have Closed Course Race Upgrades releasing, that will allow the ability to run more boost.

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